Northern Side Hollingworth Creek

This area is made up of three private blocks running parallel to Newbridge Street. In numbers of Coral Trees it has been the most we have had to clear up to this time. We commenced work in July 2013 and finished in December 2013.
nthside111 July 2013-Area behind 18-24 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__00211 July 2013-Area behind 20-26 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__00511 July 2013-This is behind 26 Newbridge Street.
22newbridge11 July 2013-Creek behind about 22 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__00611 July 2013- Behind 22 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__00711 July 2013-Behind 26 Newbridge Street.
24newbridge11 July 2013-Behind 24 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__0091 August 2013-All along the creek Corals are dying after poisoning.
NorthernSideHollingworth__01014 September 2013-More Corals have been cut down-these are cut into manageable lengths and carried to the piles.
NorthernSideHollingworth__01120 September 2013-Logs blocking the creek were winched out of the creek today and some of the trees in the photo have been cut down.
NorthernSideHollingworth__01220 September 2013-6 Coral Trees cut down and removed, looking upto 26-28 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__01319 September 2013-A Large section of exotic Cassia has been removed and three smaller Coral Trees tangled up with the Cassia are gone.
NorthernSideHollingworth__01419 September 2013-This eastern end has been cleared of Coral Trees and planting of Indigenous Native plants has begun.
NorthernSideHollingworth__0155 October 2013-Behind 24-26 Newbridge Street-Corals cleared.
28newbridge5 October 2013-Last of the Corals cut down behind 28 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__0177 October 2013-Looking North East at 16/18/20 Newbridge Street. Clearing almost finished, we need to cut stumps off.
NorthernSideHollingworth__01926 October 2013-What a difference it makes when the piles of Coral Trees are gone.
NorthernSideHollingworth__02026 October 2013-This is the area behind 16-22 Newbridge Street, only the stumps need to be cut off to finish and then more planting can be done.
truck26 October 2013-Steve Cubis Tree Services so very kindly donated his time and machinery to pick up the Coral trees that have been cut down.
NorthernSideHollingworth__02226 October 2013-I am cutting up the last large tree while Steve fills another truckload.
stumps26 October 2013-We are gradually working along this bank cutting stumps down to a lower level.
NorthernSideHollingworth__02426 October 2013-The 2 very large Coral Trees are down and cut up for removal.
tractors26 October 2013-Steve Cubis in the excavator loading Les Armstrong’s Lousiville. Les kindly took a couple of loads to the tip for us.
NorthernSideHollingworth__0262 November 2013-This is the southern side looking west finally cleared of all Coral trees and cleared of waste. This is behind 24-26 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__0272 November 2013-This is the southern side looking to the East. This is also cleared of Coral Trees and the waste disposed of.
NorthernSideHollingworth__0282 November 2013-This is the Northern side behind 24-26 Newbridge Street-some stumps to be cut back and final removal of the last Coral tree waste.
flood14 November 2013-Minor flooding after 2 storms.
NorthernSideHollingworth__03014 November 2014-Minor flooding behind 16-18 Newbridge Street.
NorthernSideHollingworth__03117 November 2013-Eastern end all clear now.
NorthernSideHollingworth__03217 November 2013- Central section ready now for planting.
plantstake17 November 2013-Western section also clear now.
NorthernSideHollingworth__03429 November 2013- Planting of about 120 trees and shrubs has been done so far.
NorthernSideHollingworth__03529 November 2013-All Clearing done-plants have gone in. In the foreground was a very large Lantana bush and about 3 utility loads of steel, wood,glass,foam etc.
NorthernSideHollingworth__03629 November 2013-Lower section in creek bank to be planted out next week with swamp loving trees.
NorthernSideHollingworth__03729 November 2013-This section has been planted out, lets hope they all grow.
coralcreek9 December 2013-Coral Tree has fallen into creek after storm. I have cut the top out of the tree, now we have to try and cut the remainder into sections that we can remove from the creek.
ygum9 December 2013-We have planted out this section with about 60 Rainforest Trees.
seats9 December 2013- I made a table and stool in the hope people would have a place to relax and enjoy the creek and nature. This is at the end of Crown Street.

28/8/14-Flooding behind Newbridge Street.
28/8/14-Flooding behind Newbridge Street.


Looking East along creek.
28/8/14 Looking East along creek.