Rear 27 Rhodes Street

This block is a private residence next to the first area I cleared. Main infestation was Singapore Daisy and Convulvus vine. Kay and I dug across the entire site to rid it of these noxious weeds as Roundup was not very efficient.
Rear27RhodesStreet__00223 July 2013-Main bank from Northern side.
Rear27RhodesStreet__00323 July 2013-Immediately opposite previous photo 5 Coral Trees that have been poisoned and will die back in the coming weeks.
Rear27RhodesStreet__00423 July 2013-Moving West along the main bank we have Billy Goat Weed and a few small Coral Stumps.
Rear27RhodesStreet__00525 July 2013-Work started on bank-We used mattocks to clear the entire bank.
Rear27RhodesStreet__0063 August 2013-LHS of the bank has been cleared and covered in woodchip.
Rear27RhodesStreet__00712 August 2013-Piles of Singapore Daisy to dispose of.
Rear27RhodesStreet__00912 August 2013-Another shot from higher on the bank.
Rear27RhodesStreet__01012 August 2013-We have started on the main bank. A few plants have been put in and a good covering of wood chip.