Hollingworth Creek Restoration

I commenced work on cleaning this area which is Parish land on the southern side of Hollingworth Creek in 2008.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__0012008-Hollingworth Creek winding its way from the river out to the Tuncester flats.
2008-Wilson River at Lismore. Hollingworth Creek enters the river on the LHS just past the lower bridge over the Wilson River.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__003July 2008- The lantana, privet and vines started at the top of this photo. It was so thick you could not see the creek from where this photo was taken. There were 11 Coral Trees. The vines had grown to the top of the mature trees you can see in the foreground.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__004July 2008- This area was covered in thick grass reeds and there were 3 Coral trees that needed clearing. On the far bank another 2 Coral Trees were cleared.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__005July 2008- This bank was heavily infested with asparagus, balloon, convulvus vines, privet and lantana. This area had been used for illegal dumping of concrete, tiles, bricks and timber. Also the usual Coral trees.
September 2008-Presentation of Table to Nev Steenson, a very good worker for the school and Parish over many years.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__007May 2009-Minor Flooding before planting had really got underway.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__008May 2009-Minor Flood
hollingworthcreekrestoration__009January 2010-The first trees are underway.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__010January 2010-Early Growth of Lomandra and a few trees.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__011January 2010-4 Plants are growing on Eastern Corner of Gardens.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__012January 2010-Bottom section-grass growing back.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__013August 2010-a small Blackwood and a few shrubs.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__014August 2010-Eastern garden a Red Cedar and a few River Oak.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__015August 2010-Nevs Table and the start of the Western Garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__016October 2010-Blackwood in foreground and Red Cedar on RHS.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__017February 2011-Eastern Garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__018February 2011-Lomandra and Lilly Pilly doing very well here.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__019February 2011-Bottom section looking good.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__020May 2011-Western end of main garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__021May 2011-Main garden coming along.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__022June 2011-Blue Quandong and Red Cedar. Cedars are being attacked by the Tip Moth.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__023June 2011-Lower section adjoining creek.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__024June 2011-Western End of main garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__02521 June 2012-Eastern Garden
hollingworthcreekrestoration__02621 June 2012-Blue Quandong, Red Cedar and Blackwood doing very well.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__02721 June 2012-Lomandra and Lilly Pilly group were amongst first planted.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__02821 June 2012-Another shot of main garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__02921 June 2012-Many Lomandra plants put in through here.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__03025 July 2012-Plants just starting in this garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__03125 July 2012-Main Garden looking East.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__03225 July 2012-Western garden has been planted.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__03325 July 2012-4 Bangalow Palms planted.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__03425 July 2012-Planting done in Western garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__03516 September 2012-Starting to plant out the bank with Lomandra.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__0369 September 2012-The second garden established below the main garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__0379 September 2012-Plants just starting.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__038February 2013-Blue Quandong and Lilly Pilly doing well.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__03929 January 2013-The gaps are gradually going and being filled with trees and shrubs.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__040January 2013-Minor Flooding-looking upstream.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__041January 2013-Minor Flooding-below main garden.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__042February 2013-This area right next to the creek seems to be quite slow growing. This garden is known as Kays garden as it was her idea and she did the bulk of the work setting it up.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__04317 February 2013-Loooking at the main garden from Child Care Centre.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__04417 February 2013-Growth of plants in lower garden very evident.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__04517 February 2013-Second section of garden has been added.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__04617 February 2013-Third garden added, note Lomandra and Lilly Pilly how well they are doing.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__0473 April 2013-Main Garden-very pleased with this.
19 April 2013-The main garden is going really well. The lower garden a little slow.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__04920/8/2013-Main Garden seems to be growing well.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__05020/8/2013-Western end of main garden is flourishing.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__05120/8/2013-Lower gardens are now growing steadily.
hollingworthcreekrestoration__05220/8/2013-Eastern Garden lost two trees to some type of insect/fungus attack. Red Cedars still being attacked by Tip Moths.

Main Garden looking East
Main Garden looking East


26/8/14 -Main Garden looking West
26/8/14 -Main Garden looking West


Kay's Garden
Kay’s Garden


Lower Garden section-this was the last one planted.
Lower Garden section-this was the last one planted.


28/8/14-Flooding over causeway-Table just visible.
28/8/14-Flooding over causeway-Table just visible.
Flooding to the left of causeway.
Flooding to the left of causeway.
This area that has been rehabilitated has been awarded Land for Wildlife Status.A very prestigious Award.
This area that has been rehabilitated has been awarded Land for Wildlife Status.A very prestigious Award.
April 2016-Showing Growth in Trees since 2014.
April 2016-Showing Growth in Trees since 2014.
April 2016- As Above
April 2016- Kay’s Garden
April 2016-Lower Section of Garden.
April 2016-Lower Section of Garden.
April 2016-Eastern Section/ Top
April 2016-Eastern Section/ Top
April-2016-Front Section Of Garden.
April-2016-Front Section Of Garden.