Western Hollingworth Creek

These areas are private land. With the permission of the owners we will gradually clear the banks, then we give the owners a variety of trees and shrubs to start the job of planting out the area. We called back to these areas to give any help that may be required.
westernhollingworthcreek__001March 2013-This is the Western end of our work on the Southern bank so far. The Coral Trees have been cleared and many stumps dug out and the grass is starting to cover the bare ground. Hopefully this area will be planted out soon. A major blockage was cleared under these trees.
westernhollingworthcreek__002March 2013-The following photos are of the northern side of the creek which as you can see needs a lot of work to clear.
westernhollingworthcreek__003April 2013-Northern Bank behind 44 Newbridge Street-Corals are starting to die back after poisoning.
westernhollingworthcreek__004April 2013-Looking onto 44 Newbridge Street after Corals have died.
westernhollingworthcreek__005April 2013-This is looking up onto Number 42.
westernhollingworthcreek__006April 2013-Vines, Coral, Privet and Camphor Trees dominate the bank. Under this was cement, bitumen, tiles and bricks.
westernhollingworthcreek__007April 2013-Work is beginning on the northern bank behind 40 Newbridge Street.
westernhollingworthcreek__00825 April 2013-Coral Trees cut down, they seem to always go in the creek. Some clearing completed on RHS.
westernhollingworthcreek__009April 2013-Clearing ongoing as seen from the southern bank. At the log in the lower right of picture was quite a bad blockage that took some time to clear.
westernhollingworthcreek__010April 2013-Clearing the top of the bank-under here was concrete, steel, bessa blocks, even a Holden Engine. That is a large section of Madeira Vine at RH bottom.
westernhollingworthcreek__011May 2013-Clean up is going well-unfortunately at the top you can see some of the cement, blocks and tyres appearing where they have been dumped.
westernhollingworthcreek__012May 2013-Clearing is almost finished. Main obstacles from now are cement pipes and blocks.
westernhollingworthcreek__01322 May 2013-Bottom section well cleared, along the top we found a Holden engine!
westernhollingworthcreek__014May 2013-On this side we have a lot of the material removed. In the foreground is a girder that Kay and I hand winched out of the creek. The large cement structure we broke into pieces with a sledge hammer so we could carry away the waste.
westernhollingworthcreek__015May 2013-There is always a large pile of Coral Trees.
westernhollingworthcreek__016July 2013-Looking up onto Number 42 after clearing.
westernhollingworthcreek__01719 July 2013-Number 42, we are starting to clear the fence line on the LHS.
westernhollingworthcreek__01823 July 2013-Fence line has been cleared to stop undergrowth coming back onto property.
westernhollingworthcreek__01923 July 2013-I have dug out 3 more Coral stumps and the owners are planting the trees and shrubs supplied. From now we just keep an eye on noxious plants and any regrowth.
westernhollingworthcreek__020July 2013-Job almost completed at 40. Another load of chip to go in and add a few plants to finish. Note that the creek is swollen.
westernhollingworthcreek__021July 2013-The last of the chip has been put in on the RHS, the owners wish to try and grass the area in the front.
westernhollingworthcreek__022July 2013-The area is finished, it has been a difficult job because of the incredible amount of concrete etc. we had to carry out.
westernhollingworthcreek__023July 2013-Another picture of the finished job.